My Life Right Now

Like most casual bloggers, I tend to get distracted from this blog by life every once in a while.  However, when I manage to find my way back and find the time to sit and write a post, I try to update everyone on what is going on over here in Alicia-land.

I finally found a job.  It sucks, but it pays the bills until I'm done school.  The people I work with are nice though, and I've gotten two promotions in the 7 months I've been there.

My video-game addiction has a new fix--Minecraft.  Yes, I am aware that this is not a new game, but it's been distracting me a lot lately (both on my PC and my XBox).  Besides, after the disappointments that were Mass Effect 3's ending and Halo 4 (i seriously almost cried over that one), Minecraft has been a lovely distraction.

School is going okay.  I made the Dean's List last semester, and I'm struggling through my College Writing class right now.

That's about it.  That's the state of my life right now.  I know, I know, boring as hell, right?  It is what it is.


"Fuck You" Friday: Fuck Snow and All Its Icy Fuck-Facery

I hate snow.  I'm going to set it on fire.

With a fiery, burning passion, I hate snow.  It's entirely too cold and moist for my tastes.  Also, it makes the sunlight about 8 petabradrillion times brighter (and I'm of the opinion that I shouldn't be getting sunburn on my face in the winter unless I fall asleep during one of my non-existent trips to the tanning salon).

What the hell is with this crap anyway?  What goddamn genius decided it would be a goddamned awesome idea for flakes of ice to fall from the fucking sky anyway?  Way to go, physics.  Fuck you.

It has snowed, like, 4 times over the past couple of weeks.  One of those times I had to drive home through in very dangerous conditions.  WTF, Nature?  Stop being a dick.  Seriously, if you're going to drop this nasty white shit from the sky, at least do it in such a way that I get to miss a day of work.  Stop doing it after I get to work or on the weekends when I want to go do things.  You dirty bitch.  (And while we're at it, Nature, can you maybe knock it off with the whole "Today it's 20 degrees, but tomorrow it'll be 60, and the day after, it'll be 20 again" bullshit?  Seriously, my sinuses, knees, and skin can't take it anymore.  It is beginning to literally make me ill.)

There's also the fact that most people apparently loose about 80 IQ points when it snows, and start driving like methed-out ferrets.  This makes an already dangerous driving condition that much worse, which makes me about as happy as salmon are when they spot a grizzly bear.

My mom insists that the snow is "pretty."  Of course it's pretty to her, she grew up in California and never even saw snow until she was a teenager or some dumb shit.  To her it's a crazy novelty that she'll never get tired of.  To me, it's about as useful as a ice maker in Antarctica.

But I suppose, living in PA as I do, I'll eventually have to come to terms with the fact that it does snow, and I can't always have a nice, sunny, 40-something degree winter straight through until spring comes back.


iBroke Down and Got One...

For the longest time, I swore I wouldn't get an iPhone. I was totally against it. I'm not a huge fan of Mac computers, and their business practices weird me out a little bit. But when faced with the available phones my cell carrier is offering right now, the iPhone 4s was the best choice for me. It does everything I need and has a nice look and feel to it. So I broke down and got the phone I swore I never would. I even had nightmares about some of my more fanatical friends chasing me, chanting "One of us, one of us!"

I was wrong. This phone is fucking awesome.

I find myself actually spending money on apps instead of just downloading the free versions. I'm signing up for services that I previously thought were kind of dumb (like Instagram; my screen name is WTFNugget).

I'm FaceTime-ing people. I'm iMessaging. I'm playing Scramble With Friends. I told Siri that The Bob is my bitch, so now I can tell her, "Call my bitch," and she calls him. I'm in love.

So now I'm spending a ridiculous amount of time fucking with this thing, seeing what all I can do with it. Which includes writing this blog post.


Texting With The Bob

Random text from The Bob:

TB: Why did Suzy drop her ice cream?
Me: Dear god...  Why?
TB: She got hit by a bus.

(About 10 minutes later)
TB: Knock knock
Me: Who's there?
TB: Not Suzy.